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Hamski grows up. New showroom in Warsaw

ul. Krochmalna, Warszawa Disctrict Wola

HAMSKI beard serum

Hamski’s unique beard serum for all facial hair types immediately softens even the roughest of bristles with a soothing, shining, smoothing effect. It is absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy layer on the regenerated, nourished bristle structure. Contains squalan–enriched with castor oil–which is known to prevent hair loss. Our product has been tested dermatologically.

Rub in thoroughly!

Barber-O-wóz – (Barber trailer) available for events, shows etc

Rent our BARBER-O-WOZ for your event, our fully-equipped* trailer that uses the same visual language as our Barber Salon. During the summer months, it travels to the beards, if the beards can’t come to it! We also rent it for events, trainings, bachelor parties etc. Interested? Call 500 300 264

*Including electricity, water, a hair-washing station and a professional barber’s reclining chair.

In Inhabitant and non-hamski barber

Hamski Barber invites you to our barber shop for hair, beard & mustache care. The relaxed vibe, with a touch of edgy decoration will give you a much-needed break after a hard, long day at the office. If a `classical` haircut is not what you’re looking for, no worries! Our professional staff will be thrilled to help bring your personal vision into reality.

They say that a Barber can sometimes be worth more than a preacher - come, sit, talk. Hamski Barber is located in an exclusive part of Wilanów - Royal Wilanów. Tradition meets modernity in the architecture of the building in which we are housed - just as it does in our barber shop! Please note that we are proud to be able to receive the patronage of gentlemen of all ages–including those youngest gents!

Our professional & attentive team will provide you with relaxation, something to drink and friendly service.

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beard cut or
TEARING the hair form YOUR head

Get to know
your barber

What can we offer you?

Mustache with a twist (OR NOT)

Mustache with a twist (OR NOT)

Cutting and modeling 25 zł

Tearing the hair from you head

Hamski cutting and modeling from 70 zł
Head shave 50 zł
Sideburns 35 zł
Tearing the hair from you head
Slice the beard not the neck

Slice the beard not the neck

Beard slice and modeling 60 zł
Haircut + razor beard trim 70 zł
Beard trim 40 zł
Hamski zero shave with razor 70 zł
Head and beard trim with razor 99 zł
Father & son haircut 95 zł
Kids up to 10 Y 45 zł
COMBO – Haircut,
beard care & razor
trim - relaxing ritual
from 125 zł
Slice the beard not the neck

Toys for bearded boys

We offer

Pomades, waxes, pastes, oils,
shampoos, conditioners

top quality barber products

YOUR Beard says
everything about you

Reveal your true self!!!

Reveal your true self!!!

Barber Shop Warsaw – Fully Professional

Take a little off the top? Sides maybe? And trim the beard? What sorts out the men from the boys is a good haircut and beard cut. And professional barber will give you the best one. It doesn’t matter if you are clean-shaven or wear your thick beard proudly, regular cut and care is the basics to build a good image. For this reason don’t trust just anyone with scissors. Trust Warsaw Barber Shop.

Hamski’s Barber Shop in Warsaw is a place, where your hair gets full and professional service – the best haircut for the shape of your head as well as the best beard cut. Beard styling is what we do the best. Here qualified and experienced barber will trim your beard in such a way, that our wife or partner will never again dare to call it a washrag.

What Else Do We Offer?

We won’t let you go empty-handed. We always have some good offers for our Clients – products for cleaning, styling and care. Additionally, our Team will tell you how to care after your beard on daily basis and teach you some helpful routines so that it every day looks as if you have just left Hamski’s Barber Shop

Hairdresser Warsaw – Great Localization in Wilanów

You will find Hamski’s Barber Shop in a great localization in Wilanów. That makes it easy to get here from numerous places in Warsaw. Moktów, Ursynów, Centrum, Wola, Śródmieście – there are only some of the districts we are well-communicated with. It means You, Your Brother, Friend, Son can use our services always when he feels like.

Are you looking for a good hairdresser in Warsaw? Haircut, beard cut and care, creating your individual image – we are so very good at these. Don’t wait! Schedule your visit now!




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+48 513 040 513

Opening hours: mo-fr: 800-2200 / sat: 900-2100 / sun: 1000-1700